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Case Studies

Higher Education

Higher education professionals have to leverage data and analytics to understand their donor constituency and better predict their capability and mindset to give. Then, deliver the messaging and content to the right channel to reach them on a more personal level.  Together, we can employ the right tools to reach them, which can often mean the difference between achieving donor goals or scrambling to catch up. 


Not-for-Profit Organizations

Non-profits collect data about donors and members, but typically, they don't know how to turn that data into actionable intelligence. When we can orchestrate data into powerful knowledge, we can ensure that donors are engaged and fundraising efforts are successful to ensure your mission continues unfettered by economic downturns. 


Retail Businesses

There has been huge growth in retailers, restaurants and others, using consumer data to identify trends for business improvement and gain a competitive advantage in an ever-increasingly competitive market. But unless you turn that data into useful knowledge, it's useless. Together, we can effectively mine this data making it useful for targeted campaigns, identifying buying patterns, improving loyalty and forecasting trends to ensure inventory is never an issue. 


Manufacturing Operations

With the globalization of operations, manufacturers have new ways to reduce costs because of a varied pool of suppliers and customers. However, the logistics of keeping track of all of your data in numerous locations and currencies adds to the complexity. Together, we can make sense of your data through manufacturing analytics, which will result in cost reductions and increased revenues. 

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